CObraHost21 stands for: 

COntent Based Rendered Applications for the 21st century


Hey Everybody!

My name is Carlos De La Cruz.

I have extensive web design and graphic design experience
and I have created CObraHost21 to offer the right people
an amazing opportunity.

I am looking for exciting and wonderful people that are interested in starting an online business.

I am constantly searching Google, Yahoo!, and other search engines and I am amazed at how many ‘dead websites and blogs’ I find.

At one time, I am certain that the site owner had an unstoppable idea or vision for their online business, but,
at some point, the website owner just gave up.

It happens.

I want to be the one that sparks your online vision and I want to offer you a platform to achieve your online success.

My concept is quite simple.

You supply the quality online content; CObraHost21 supplies professional web design, web graphics and online marketing strategy.

I am not interested in hosting a million websites or boasting one million registered domain names.

I am interested in connecting with motivated people that have something of value to offer to my visitors and are interested in building a business online.

If you have ever thought about starting an online business or
if you have tried and have had little success, I want to help you get your online business over the top.

Follow my blog, CObra21, and learn more about operating an online website or blog.

Join my Facebook page here and stay connected to what is happening at CObraHost21.

CObraHost21 is based in San Antonio Texas and I am focused on providing web design services for motivated people that desire online success.

Contact me and let’s discuss getting your business online!


Carlos De La Cruz

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