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You have landed on this page because you clicked on a link on one of our hosted websites or blogs.

Pretty cool huh?

Well, the reason we have a link that reads ‘Hosted & Trusted’ on blogs and websites hosted by CObraHost21, is because we have met the owners of these websites and blogs and we honestly trust the site owners.

The reality is that anyone willing to pay $20 bucks can get a website or a blog live and online.

We believe this is great, because one of the barriers of starting a business was the high costs, and now, anyone can start an online business quickly, easily, and create some extra income.

Sadly, there are people out there that view this low cost as an opportunity to swindle unsuspecting web surfers.

We are not interested in hosting millions of websites and blogs.

We are interested in hosting websites and blogs from real people that offer real products and services.

In other words, websites and blogs with information and products people can use.

We are not in the business of telling site owners how to run their own business, but we are not interested in continuing to support a site owner that falls short of our
CObra21 Code of Conduct.

If you believe that a website or blog hosted by CObraHost21 is being a bit, shall we say, less than honest, we want to know about it.

Just use our C21-WARNING form.

As a further precaution, check the list of websites and blogs below, and click the link of the site you are visiting.

The link should take you straight to the sites home page.

If it does not, then you are dealing with a site NOT hosted by CObraHost21.

So now you know!

The next time you see ’Hosted & Trusted by CObraHost21’ at the bottom of a website, you will know you are dealing with a reputable and trusted business.

Take care!

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