Small Business Owners

Imagine having access to millions of prospects, locally and from around the world, searching for your product or service, and being able to reach them at a fraction of the cost of a commercial ad in your local newspaper.

This is the kind of power that a website or a blog can deliver to your small business.

People of all ages and all walks of life are getting online to search for products and services they need and want.

If you do not put yourself in their path, they will never find you!

How can a website or blog help you grow your small business?

  • Get massive online exposure
  • Have people ‘talk about you online’ and send you online referrals
  • Announce new products and services to millions of prospects at once
  • Create your own ‘online video commercials’
  • Create relationships through social networking sites
  • Establish yourself as an expert in your chosen profession
  • Offer convenience for your customers and prospects
  • Reach someone around the block or around the world
  • Get immediate feedback from customers
  • Answer questions from current customers and prospects online
  • Accept online payments for your products and services
  • And so much more

A blog or a website can enhance your ability to increase your reach and to increase your profits.

Doing business in America and around the world has turned the corner and has reached a new age.

If you do not grab a hold of the internet and put its power to use, your business could wither and die.

It’s a fact.

CObtaHost21 offers Web Hosting Services specific to Small Business Owners.

CObraHost21 is itself a small business and we understand the personal attention that Small Business Owners need to succeed online.

Most website builders, or hosting providers, give you their
easy online tools’ to build your website ‘on your own’.

Then, you are left ’on your own’ to figure it all out by yourself! 

CObraHost21 is different in that we will not only build your website or blog, we will help you promote your website or blog to get the attention it needs online.

Just like you are reading and learning right now about my business, CObraHost21, someone could be reading and learning about your business on your website or blog.

My name is Carlos De La Cruz and I want to help you get your small business online, so that you too can harness the power of the internet!

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